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Augmenting Black Rifle Coffee Co. with Continuum

Experience the extraordinary fusion of cutting-edge technology and coffee culture as Continuum takes you on a captivating journey through our augmented reality collaboration with Black Rifle Coffee Co. Discover how we revolutionized their customer experience by seamlessly integrating AR into their packaging

BRCC is a bold, trail-blazing coffee company looking to shake things up, so what better partner in crime than augmented reality? Continuum is pumping out one AR coffee bag per month, so before you know it, we’ll have a beefy library of insane bag art that is sure to turn heads!




We appreciate your business. Let's keep making awesome stuff!
- Continuum Team


The Challenge:

Black Rifle Coffee Co., a renowned brand known for their passion for exceptional coffee, sought to enhance customer engagement and create a truly immersive coffee experience. With this vision in mind, they turned to Continuum to bring their coffee bags to life through augmented reality.

Black Rifle | Augmented Reality Compilation

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The Solution: 

As pioneers in the world of AR, Continuum embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. Our expert team harnessed the power of augmented reality to design captivating experiences that would leave a lasting impression on Black Rifle Coffee Co.'s customers.

We developed an innovative solution that involved incorporating QR codes onto each coffee bag for customers to scan and experience Coffee in an all-new way. Customers can easily purchase their favorite coffee blends and unlock a world of interactive experiences through their smartphones or tablets. With a simple scan, coffee lovers were transported into an immersive AR journey, showcasing the brand's story, coffee origins, and brewing techniques.

Our talented team of designers and developers meticulously crafted visually stunning and interactive AR content.

Scan the QR code to see the coffee come to life.

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The Result

The impact of our augmented reality collaboration with Black Rifle Coffee Co. was truly phenomenal. By seamlessly integrating AR into their packaging, the brand experienced heightened customer engagement, increased brand loyalty, and a surge in sales.

Coffee lovers were enthralled by the immersive experiences that bridged the gap between their passion for coffee and their desire for unique digital interactions. The QR codes on the coffee bags became a gateway to a new world, a testament to Black Rifle Coffee Co.'s dedication to delivering unforgettable moments to their valued customers.

Continuum's expertise in AR design and development unlocked endless possibilities for
Black Rifle Coffee Co.

The fusion of technology and coffee created a seamless customer experience, establishing the brand as a frontrunner in coffee innovation.

Fit Fuel | Augmented Reality Demo

Ready to transform your brand through the power of augmented reality? Contact us now and let's embark on a visionary adventure together. Unleash the extraordinary, as Continuum brings your brand to life in ways you never thought possible.

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