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Cookies are SWEETER with AR.

With increasing competition in the cookie world, Dirty Dough has taken the right steps to succeed. One of the ways they have done this is by teaming up with Continuum to offer their customers an interactive experience the customer is sure to remember.

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3 Positive Results

1. Customer Engagement

Giving your customers something to do while they enjoy your products helps them to remember your company and makes them more likely to come back again. 
Customers are more likely and excited to come back to a company that provided them not just a good product, but a good experience.

2. Beating the Competition

Offering an innovative experience to your customers through extended reality technology is something that everyone will be doing within the next several years. By being the first in their industry to implement these technologies, Dirty Dough is staking out an early claim in the future of advertising.

3. Brand Awareness

Providing an experience for customers to engage with in the store or at their home and to show their friends provides a social setting for people to interact with each other with the Dirty Dough brand being the centerpiece of the conversation.


Cookie Runner: The Sweetest AR Game in Town

Picture this: you whip out your phone, scan a snazzy QR code, and bam! You're transported into the virtual world of "Cookie Runner." It's a jaw-dropping mobile game that combines delicious visuals with addictive gameplay. Your mission? Dash through scrumptious landscapes and collect virtual cookies along the way. Prepare for a sugar rush like no other!

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In-Store AR Delights: Say Cheese with Augmented Reality Cookies

We took Dirty Dough's in-store experience to the next dimension (literally!). Dirty Dough is popular, so it's not uncommon to wait for a few minutes for your turn at the counter. Instead of just twiddling your thumbs in the queue, we sprinkled some augmented reality magic by letting customers snap selfies with mouthwatering virtual cookies. It's like having a bakery wonderland right at your fingertips!

Partnering with Continuum for Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences

At Continuum, we take tech to the next level while keeping the fun dial turned all the way up. Our collaboration with Dirty Dough was a recipe for success, blending cutting-edge technology with a dash of whimsy.

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