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Maverik Extended reality augmented reality

Mixology meets Extended Reality

Maverik, one of the most popular convenience stores across the western United States, chose Continuum to develop a series of AR games and challenges that encourage customers to engage with the brand.
The games have led to higher sales while also offering the customers a quantity discount.

3 Positive Results

1. Customer Engagement

Giving your customers something to do while they enjoy your products helps them to remember your company and makes them more likely to come back again. 
By providing customers with an immersive experience and a discount, you can create a better environment and increase sales.

2. Beating the Competition

Offering an innovative experience to your customers through extended reality technology is something that everyone will be doing within the next several years. Maverik is staking out an early claim in the future of advertising.

3. Brand Loyalty

Providing an experience for customers to engage with the company in the store creates a truly unique and memorable experience that sets Maverik apart from the competition and creates a special relationship between the company and the customer.

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Engage and Delight

Due to the innovation and "wow" factor of Augmented Reality, AR games are sure to capture anyone's attention. What would it be like if you could add that level of experience to an every-day location like a convenience store? Maverik knows! With the introduction of the AR game devloped by Continuum, Maverik and Mtn Dew saw increased sales, happier customers, and improved brand loyalty.

Partnering with Continuum for Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences

At Continuum, we take tech to the next level while keeping the fun dial turned all the way up. Our collaboration with Dirty Dough was a recipe for success, blending cutting-edge technology with a dash of whimsy.

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